Elections of the NZISA National Executive


All nomination forms are to be emailed to the Returning Officer, Geo Robrigado

Please submit nomination forms to Geo Robrigado at robriggeo@myvuw.ac.nz under the subject line (without quotation marks), “Nominations for NZISA National Executive

Nominations open on Monday 27th July 2020 at 9am and close Monday 10th August at 9am

Why run for NZISA?

  • Gain experience through your contribution in a national peak body;
  • Work towards creating a fair and accurate representation of the value that international students bring to New Zealand society;
  • Break down the barriers between domestic and international students to allow a bilateral exchange of cultural ideas;
  • Work as a connecting bridge between students, policy makers and education providers in New Zealand;
  • Amplify the international student voice, especially in the development of strategies and policies that concern international students;
  • Attend training sessions and organise events and conferences to tackle current or ongoing matters relevant to international students in New Zealand;
  • Attend conferences and networking opportunities with colleagues as well as professionals in international education.

Click here to download the Electoral Procedure

Click here to download the Nomination Form

Process for Election

Nominees for the positions of National President and Vice President will each be given 10 minutes and all other nominees, regardless of how many nominations are received for a position, will be granted 4 minutes to speak to their nomination.



The duties of the Treasurer shall include, but are not limited to:

  • In conjunction with other executive members, ensuring that the budget is responsibly spent to fund activities of the organisation for the entire financial year; and
  • Actively participating in the business of NZISA; and
  • Supporting the President and other Executive members in the fulfilment of their respective individual roles; and
  • Attending NZISA meetings as scheduled (this includes Representative Council meetings); and
  • Preparing budgets for submission to the NZISA executive; and
  • Preparing financial reports and statements for submission to the NZISA executive members and stakeholders; and
  • Maintaining financial records including invoices, receipts and budgets for the submission to the executive members and the stakeholders; and
  • Liaising with external auditors when preparing financial reports at the end of the financial year.

Education Officer

The duties of the Education Officer shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching and reviewing the International Student Wellbeing Strategy; and
  • Liaise with the New Zealand National Qualification Authority (NZQA) on application of the International Student Pastoral Care Code; and
    • Assisting student who may need support due to their institution failing to meet NZQA standards.
  • Exchanging perspectives about the industry with colleagues across the country. Conference attendance to establish links with industry partners; and
  • Conducting educational research to identify and evaluate developments in education; and
    • Ensuring that educational policies proposed by the Ministry of Education align with the International Student Education Strategy and the International Student Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Serving on committees to identify present and future needs within the education industry, and the preparation of reports and information papers.

Campaigns Officer

The duties of the Campaigns Officer shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, research, and develop a national strategy based on feedback from the Representative Council; and
    • In conjunction with the National President and Education Officer, develop expressions of interest and proposals for the International Student Wellbeing Strategy Fund; and
    • Liaise with Member Associations on the execution of NZISA’s national campaign at the regional level; and
    • Delivering the outcomes of NZISA’s national campaign at the inaugural NZISA Conference.
  • Events management; and
    • To plan and develop the inaugural NZISA Conference; and
    • To manage the promotion of events in conjunction with the Public Relations Officer.