We are delighted to have you at the NZISA’s 2021 Future Female Leadership Conference. The conference aims to highlight the challenging experience of personal and cultural transitions for female international students and to celebrate the diversity of women from different countries, religious backgrounds and ethnicities.
This conference also aims to bring together people of all genders
to promote inclusion and to collectively engage in discussions on empowering females in
New Zealand.
This conference is proudly supported by the Ministry
of Education through the International Students’ Wellbeing Strategy funding, the Education New Zealand and the Southern Cross Travel Insurance Ltd.
A huge thank you too, to Ghost Agency who has been the champion for the conference marketing, and Media Design School Auckland for the conference designing.


To be able to attend the conference – Click on this link to register




Session 1 – Employability and Career Strengthening

Time: 10am.

  • Standing out in the New Zealand Context, by Andrew Tui
    Zoom link
  • CV and Cover Letter 101, by Divya Kataria
    Zoom link
  • Be More Confident in Public Speaking and Presenting Yourself, by Joyce Wong
    Zoom link


Session 2 – Mental Health and Identity

Time: 11am.

  • Identities, Cultures and Us, by Birgit Grafarend-Watungwa
    Zoom link
  • Importance of Mental Health in Fostering Learning, Achievement and Leadership, by Patrick Au
    Zoom link


Session 3 – Gender, Sexuality and Safety

Time: 12am.

  • Allyship for the Rainbow Community, by Grace Abbott
    Zoom link
  • NZ Police’s Hate Crime Journey, by Constable Telisha Kumar and Mariam Arif
    Zoom link



The New Zealand International Students’ Association (NZISA) is the peak body for international students studying in the secondary and tertiary levels in New Zealand. We are an umbrella body that brings together international student leaders nationwide.
This year, our association is led by a team of 3 Board of Directors (including the National President), National Secretary, and Public Relations Officer.
We also have a team of National Representative Council consisting of the elected International Students’ Representative/Officer from our member associations.
NZISA works closely with the Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry for Ethnic Communities (MEC), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Auckland Agency Group (AAG), New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), Education
New Zealand (ENZ), Universities New Zealand (UNZ), ISANA NZ, Te Pukenga, Immigration New Zealand (INZ), tertiary education providers and student associations.