Meet the Team

National President – Lukas Kristen

I was born in Germany on the Germany-Swiss border at the beautiful lake Konstanz. I am in my final year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at Victoria University of Wellington. Before my time at NZISA I was part of the Victoria International Students’ Association as Equity Vice President.

My goal as National President is to strengthen the ties between international students and domestic students in New Zealand, as well as increase international student representation at the national level. The export education sector is valued at over 5 billion dollars. We as international students are the key stakeholder of the industry. Hence we deserve to be heard and included in discussions on the development of the sector.

Outside of NZISA and studying I enjoy keeping up with the development of the FinTech sector.

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National Vice President – Vaelyn Luo

I am a final year law student at the Victoria University of Wellington. Home to me is both Singapore and China.

Before joining NZISA, I was the Equity Vice President at Victoria International Students’ Association. I’ve worked on the submissions against outsourcing foundation studies at Victoria University of Wellington, the lower fee increase for international students and more scholarships for international students.

Having witnessed how much NZISA has grown since its inception, I am excited to see the new heights NZISA can reach. I hope to expand NZISA’s representation to more ITPs (Polytechnics) and PTEs (Private training institutions) around New Zealand. I hope to continue highlighting issues faced by international students to our partners, namely, institutions themselves, Education New Zealand and Ministry of Education.

In my spare time, I like to travel and scout for cheap eats.</p align=”justify”>Contact at:

National Education Officer – Umi Asaka

I am originally from Japan. I am a fourth year Social Work student at the University of Otago. Previously to my role as National Education Officer at NZISA I was the International Officer for the Otago University Student Association (OUSA) and a member of the NZISA Representative Council.

My goal as the National Education Officer for NZISA this year is to empower fellow international student and support leadership opportunities for future generations of student leaders.

When I am not spending my time working on projects, I love to spend my time cooking, in nature and being around people.

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National Secretary – Phuong Anh Nguyen

Home to me is Vietnam, or more specifically— where my family is. I’ve recently graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Education. Prior to NZISA, I was the Vice President of Communication of the Victoria International Students’ Association.

As a part of NZISA, I hope to bring a stronger representation for international students and stand up for the rights that we are entitled to. I hope to be the voice of over 100,000 students that are pursuing their dreams here in New Zealand by continue working on the challenges that many students still face and offer support when needed.

I am somewhat a writer in my free-time or whenever my muse strikes. I’ve also picked up baking as a hobby along the way.

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National Treasurer – Xueyan Peng

I came to New Zealand from China to further develop my education as well as my English. I am currently doing a Master of Professional Accounting at Victoria University of Wellington.

I am genuinely proud and excited to be a part of NZISA and a member of the national executive. NZISA offers a unique opportunity for international students to learn and experience working in the not-for-profit sector. As treasurer, I help NZISA make better budgeting and financing decisions on expenses for campaigns. My goal is to ensure that every dollar spent is spent to benefit the over 100,000 international students that we represent.

Other than study, I am really enjoying my time in New Zealand. I like hanging out with friends and meeting new people, as well as having the occasional (responsible) drink.

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