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The 2023 NZISA National Executive was elected by the NZISA Representative Council during the Annual General Meeting held on the 5th of December 2022.

The New Zealand International Students’ Association (NZISA) is proud to announce the 2023 National Executive. The 2023 National Executive was elected by the NZISA Representative Council at the Annual General Meeting hosted online via Zoom on the 5th of December 2022. 

The Representative Council of NZISA consists of regionally elected international students’ representatives from student associations. The National Executive will begin their term on the 1st of January 2023 to represent international students at the national level.

The 2023 National Executive will be led by Vikram Selvaraj, alongside with the executive members as listed below:

  • President – Vikram Selvaraj
  • Vice President – Eric (Sishou) Zhou
  • Secretary – Grace Amelia Zhang
  • Treasurer – Steven Wijaya 
  • Public Relations Officer – Geraldi Ryan
  • Education Officer – Sean (Jin Xiong) Teow


The incoming NZISA Executive Committee would like to thank the outgoing National Executive, Minnie Kalo Voi, Ai Nee Looi, Ryan Sua and Kyra Shahana Butt for their outstanding contributions towards the Association and the future of international students’ well-being.

The Women’s Officer remains vacant. A by-election will be held in early 2023.


Priorities for 2023

The incoming National Executive will be lobbying on two priorities:

  1. Addressing the need for a comprehensive and affordable sexual health insurance scheme for international students;
  2. Re-introducing the Ministry of Education’s International Student Well-being Fund to encourage external organisations to host events, advocate specifically for the benefit of the international student community, and provide targeted support to students.


We look forward to making these priorities a reality with the collaboration and consultations with the incoming Representative Council Members, Board of Directors, government agencies, student associations and societies, and most importantly, international students in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Once again, NZISA would like to congratulate the incoming Executive and extend its gratitude to the incoming and outgoing National Executive and Representative Council Members for their commitment and contributions to the Association and the international student community.



NZISA is the peak international student body and advocate of all international students in New Zealand. We enhance communication and cooperation between the international student communities, the government, and the education sector in New Zealand. Stay connected with NZISA on our Facebook page @NZISA2018, Instagram account @rebuildingwithnzisa, LinkedIn page; NZISA – New Zealand International Students’ Association or visit our website at


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Public Relations Officer 


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